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Air compressors are usually driven by electric motors (alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC)), or by gasoline-powered motors. DC air compressors from Oasis Mfg. are battery powered, typically from the electrical system of a vehicle, or a solar system. They are considerably more powerful than traditional DC air compressors, eliminating the need for bulky motors, and in some applications even air tanks. This allows them to be portable, creating a wide range of application possibilities for anything from off-road and service vehicles to mining and agriculture. DC air compressors are low-noise, low-maintenance, and environmentally friendly equipment for supplying compressed air and power generation efficiently.

What Is a DC Air Compressor & How Does It Work?

DC air compressors provide clean and convenient power through batteries that convert electricity to kinetic energy, eliminating the need for more cumbersome fuel-driven motors. These compressors consist of valves, pistons, connecting rods, and a crankshaft, similar to small engines. DC air compressors require little more than oiling to maintain them, enabling them to power tools using a single air pressure-based engine.

An air compressor powers air tools for a wide range of equipment and facilities. They typically function by drawing in air under vacuum, decreasing its volume to pressurize that air through positive displacement, and then pushing it into a tank. As pressurized air passes through the tank’s opening, the released energy provides the power for certain systems and equipment.

Oasis air compressors are available to operate from either 12 or 24-volt DC power systems.  Choose the model of air compressor that matches the power system of your vehicle or application.

DC Air Compressor Capabilities

In general, the power that these compressors are capable of producing is their main advantage. Additionally, DC air compressors are often portable, making it easy for you to load them from vehicle to vehicle or facility. This transportability helps save time, space, and money because, with various mounting options, you can bring compressed air with you right in your car or truck. It also allows you to be ready in case of flat-tire emergencies.

For other safety features, air compressors provide protection from motor stalling and damage with an automatic shut-off feature in low-voltage situations. Compressor components can add to the safety or functionality of a compressor as well, including adjustable pressure switches, check and safety valves, and tire gauges. The versatility of DC air compressors lends to usage in a variety of different applications.

Applications for DC Air Compressors

Applications of all types use DC air compressors, including tasks at worksites and homes. Inflation, pressure washing, and power generation are some of the more common jobs of DC air compressors, with applications in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture: The agricultural industry can generate energy for crop sprayers and other equipment, power-wash farm vehicles and tools, and blow out lines with air compressors.
  • Military or Government: Air compressors can be handy in the field for powering air tools, completing emergency maintenance, and cleaning weapon components.
  • News and Surveillance: Pneumatic masts on news trucks receive power from air compressors.
  • Oil and Gas Mining: For isolated job sites, DC air compressors can use battery power for remote-automated pneumatic valves.
  • Vehicles: Mounted air compressors allow tow trucks and service vehicles on-board access to workshop-quality compressed air while out on a job. In motor coaches, compressors provide air suspension.

DC Air Compressors From Oasis Manufacturing, Inc.

For applications requiring air compression, DC air compressors offer a reliable solution. At Oasis Manufacturing, our compressors are environmentally friendly, low noise and maintenance, and the most powerful on-board DC-powered compressors available on the market today with a maximum pressure rating of 200 psi. We offer a comprehensive selection of 12- and 24-volt DC air compressors—including extended-duty, continuous-duty, and tank-mounted compressors—and superior customer service to meet your needs.

If you would like to find out more about our air compressors and technology, contact us today or request more information about our products.

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