Off-Road Roots

Oasis Off Road Mfg. was established in 1996 by John and Connie Williams.

From the very beginning, it has been a family operation, with their two children helping out from the time they were little.

John and Connie sought to address the needs of off road enthusiasts who frequently adjust their tire pressure. Dissatisfied with the tedious and time consuming process of airing down, John developed a deflation device that could air down tires while driving, and stop automatically at a user-adjustable level. Thus, the first generation of Trailhead Automatic Tire Deflators was born.

Since they were in the deflation business, the re-inflation business was the natural next step. In 2001, John developed high performance air compressors, resulting in the most powerful DC air compressor in the world.

Oasis Manufacturing quickly grew and in 2005, turned their full attention on developing their air compressors. Since then, the Oasis air compressors have had over 20 years of innovation and superior performance.

A Company for the Customer

Oasis Manufacturing, Inc. now offers a comprehensive line of air compressors and air system components. As the leading specialists in on-board compressed air systems, Oasis provides personalized, technical expertise to assist you in selecting the right system for your application.

We welcome your phone calls and emails for questions and more information, and make every effort to provide exceptional customer service and advice that addresses each individual customer’s needs.

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