Working with Oasis

Time = money


Oasis compressors give you the power of a small shop air compressor to get your job done faster, including running air tools. If you don’t already have compressed air on board your vehicle or your existing compressors is small and inadequate, look no further.
XD4000 CONTINUOUS-DUTY Electric DC Air Compressors
Low maintenance


Check the oil level periodically. Oasis compressors do not need gas, spark plugs, or tune ups like an engine drive compressor does.
Save space


Oasis compressors have a much smaller footprint than engine driven compressors do, and can be mounted in normally unused, out of the way locations to free up valuable space, such as to the vehicle chassis.
XD4000 CONTINUOUS-DUTY Electric DC Air Compressors
Environmentally friendly


Oasis compressors have no exhaust emissions like an engine drive compressor.

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