UNRIVALED PERFORMANCE (8 cfm @ 100 psi, 200 psi max pressure rating)

Oasis compressors are the most powerful on-board DC Air Compressors available today. They are the only DC powered compressors capable of running a ½” impact wrench without a tank and deliver performance equal to a small shop air compressor. When time is money, Oasis compressors provide maximum return on your investment.


In 2006, Oasis Mfg. teamed up with T/CCI Mfg. to re-engineer the original York/Tecumseh compressor design, with its well proven 50 year history.  By adding Perfect Circle control rings to the pistons, an internal oil reservoir with a positive crankcase vent, and a finned cylinder head, we were able to minimize lubrication discharge, keep operating temperatures down, and improve overall efficiency. For quick visual lubricant check, an Oil Level Sight Glass is fitted to the crankcase.


Oasis compressors have built in solid-state electronics that automatically shut off to protect the motor from stalling and possibly burning up during low power conditions.


Unlike gasoline powered compressors, Oasis DC air compressors have become the choice of many governmental agencies, municipalities, and maintenance fleets for good reasons:

  • No Exhaust Fumes: Oasis air compressors are powered by clean DC electrical energy.
  • Low Noise: Our quiet, no-exhaust compressors are neighborhood and business friendly, eliminating potential noise complaints.
  • No Engine Maintenance: With Oasis, there are no gas engines to maintain, no fuel filters to replace, no spark plugs to gap, and no carburetor to adjust.

Our Technology: Oasis Air Compressors

  1. DIRECT PORT INTAKE DESIGN – Assures maximum intake air flow.
  2. OIL CONTROL RINGS ON PISTONS – Significantly reduce oil discharge.
  3. OIL RESERVOIR CHAMBER – Keeps oil level at optimum level during operation.
  4. POSITIVE CRANKCASE VENT – Prevents pressure buildup in crankcase.
  5. OIL SIGHT GLASS – Offers a quick visual check of crankcase lubrication.
  6. MOTOR COOLING FAN – Reduces heat buildup, provides more run time.
  7. CONTROL WIRE – Interface point for optional pressure switch and/or dash switch.
  8. LOW VOLTAGE CUT-OFF – Smart technology protects motor from low voltage.
  9. POWER SWITCH – With indicator light.
  10. LOW VOLTAGE INDICATOR – Alerts when battery or system voltage is low.
  11. SWEDISH STEEL VALVES – Provide high flow rate and high pressure capability.
  12. AIR FILTER – High flow, long life filter with serviceable element.
  14. YORK® COMPRESSOR – Modified, twin cylinder, 10 cubic inch industrial unit.
  15. HD ROLLER BEARINGS – At both ends of crankshaft.
  16. MOUNTING PLATE – Designed for easy bolt on installation.
  17. HEAVY DUTY COUPLER – Provides a direct drive connection.
  18. MOTOR – High performance industrial duty.
  19. REMOVABLE BRUSH GUARDS – Allows easy service of motor brushes.
  20. POWER CABLES – 10′ of #4 AWG cables.

One Year Limited Warranty