“Look at how your compressors have helped us: It used to take us an average of 18 minutes to change a flat with a 4-way wrench. With the compressor and Impact it takes us less than 7 minutes (Start to finish). When you work on the highways with 60 plus mile per hour traffic this set up reduces our exposure to high speed traffic by 62%……. Talk about a safety story, not to mention that it’s less wear and tear on the body……”

– Lynn R Self, Tarrant County Sheriff’s Dept, Ft Worth Texas

“I am delighted with my Oasis compressor. As fate would have it, the unit more than paid for itself the first week by allowing us to do our own tire repair on Maryland Route 97!!!!”

– Rodney Spring, Spring and Associates

“For field servicing of our pneumatic tools, we have found Oasis Air Compressors to be superior to anything that we have used in the past. For reliability and serviceability there is no substitute for Oasis.”

– Tony Grilo, Director of field service Stanley Bostich, Corporate Office, East Greenwich, RI

“Others do half of what they say, Oasis does double… I have one on every one of my trucks. I’ve tried every other compressor… nothing beats the Oasis. This is a ‘real’ compressor!”

– Ron Fehring, Owner of John’s Trim Shop, Baytown, TX

“I have use my Oasis compressor for a variety of tasks, from airing up tires to building a bridge using an impact wrench to spraying. It’s always there when I need it.”

– Tom Smisek, Smisek Ranch, Silverado, CA

“I know just having it in my hometown people are amazed with how fast it is. I know all of my buddies are going to throw out their VIAIRs and get an Oasis as soon as they can. Thanks.”

– Josh Galbreath

“John,Just wanted to give you an update on our welding truck with on board plasma setup. The system works great. The compressor keeps up with the plasma on continuous use, which is not typical use in the field. I ended up building 2 – 11 gal air tanks that are tucked under the cab. I’m running a 90-120 pressure switch and once the compressor kicks on at 90psi it never drops below. Thanks again for all your help.”

– Brig Pannepacker, Owner All Fab Inc. Schwenksville, PA

“I received my order today, I thought I would send you some pic of our oldest unit, I think it is well over 10 years old if not 15!!! We replaced the motor just last week, that compressor has gotten me out of many jams !!!”

– Rodney VR Spring, Spring & Associates, Inc. 29565 Chilcutt Road, Easton, MD 21601