Shop Air Compressor Performance on Your Vehicle

Our compressors are like having a shop air compressor on your vehicle.  The chart below compares two Ingersoll-Rand shop air compressors to our air compressors.  One is 2 Hp and delivers 7 cfm @ 100 psi, the other is 3 Hp and delivers 9 cfm @ 100 psi.  Our compressors have a flow rate of 8 cfm @ 100 psi that falls right between these two models, but in a compact package small enough to mount to the chassis of a vehicle, in a tool box or compartment, behind the front bumper, or even inside the cab.  And with a max pressure rating of 200 psi, our compressors actually out-perform these shop compressors that only have a 175 psi pressure rating.

No other DC powered air compressors even come close to matching our performance, and considering the relatively small size which allows them to be mounted in a wide variety of locations, no other DC compressor can match our utility and convenience.