Air compressors suitable for military and government applications must be able to withstand challenging and demanding environments and perform reliably in extreme conditions. Whether they’re needed on base, in the field, in a maintenance facility, for emergency relief, or in any other situation, our on-board air compressors can safely and reliably make it possible to run tools and equipment and make repairs wherever you are, including from government service or military vehicles. Powered by DC current, and featuring capabilities rivaling shop equipment, our air compressors are safe, low-maintenance, and above all, powerful and rugged enough to meet government and military requirements.

High-Performance DC Air Compressors in Military and Government Applications

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High-Performance DC Air Compressors for Military and Government Applications

In the field and on the move, air compressors can mean the difference between a quick maintenance job and an unwelcome, even costly or hazardous delay. Our reliable, low-profile, military-grade 12v and 24v air compressors offer easy installation and quieter, cleaner operation without the logistics of supplying fuel, venting exhaust fumes, or engine maintenance tasks. Features of our compressors include:

  • Current at a maximum pressure of ≤ 110 or ≤ 190 amps, depending on model
  • Deep-finned heads to reduce heat buildup
  • Direct port intakes, positive crankcase vents, internal oil reservoirs, and dual-ring oil control pistons enhance performance, efficiency, and runtime
  • Flow rates ≥ 8 cfm at 100 psi with a maximum pressure of 200 psi
  • Low-voltage cutoff protection to prevent stalling and damage
  • Ambient operating temperature range of -20°C (-4°F) to 65°C (150°F). Operation down to -40°C possible using lighter weight oil.
  • Quieter operation with no exhaust for minimal disruption
  • Sturdy mounting plate for easy, bolt-on installation
  • Available components and accessories such as check valves, adjustable pressure switches, and digital tire gauges

Numerous military and government applications require tank-mounted or tankless air compressor power for extended- and continuous-duty tasks as varied as:

  • Cleaning weapons and other equipment
  • Powering air tools for repairs and maintenance
  • Powering pneumatic masts for communication and surveillance
  • Reseating tire beads (our tankless compressors can run a ½-inch impact wrench)

The Best in Class: Oasis Manufacturing’s Commercial Duty Air Compressors for Military and Government Use

Our powerful commercial-duty DC air compressors offer robust solutions for difficult and demanding military and government applications where reliability is vital. Suitable for an extensive range of service, maintenance, and performance uses, our on-board compressors are currently used by agencies including:

  • U.S. Army Special Operations Command
  • U.S. Postal Service
  • U.S. Border Patrol
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Canadian National Defense

Oasis XD3000 Extended-Duty DC Air Compressor

Our medium-duty XD3000 DC air compressors are designed for low-maintenance, extended-duty operation. Cooling fans support 100% operation for the first 30 minutes and 50% after that. Safety features include a low-voltage alert and, if needed, automatic shutdown, to protect equipment.

Oasis XD4000 Continuous-Duty DC Air Compressor

With a 100% duty cycle at 200 psi, our XD4000 continuous duty DC air compressors are an ideal, environmentally friendly solution for demanding government and military applications. Dual fans provide maximum cooling for excellent performance over extended runtimes.

Oasis Tank-Mounted DC Air Compressors

Our tank-mounted DC air compressors come in extended-duty (XDT10-3000) and continuous-duty (XDT10-4000) models. Mounted on 10-gallon, ASME-coded tanks, these compressors are suitable for work trucks, tow trucks, and construction applications where their rugged, durable nature stands up to heavy use in the worst conditions.

Discover How Oasis Manufacturing Can Meet Your Needs

At Oasis Manufacturing, our government and military-grade air compressors can meet or exceed the challenging requirements of these difficult environments and demanding applications. We welcome military and government personnel to contact our experienced team to learn more about our GSA-approved DC compressors or to request a quote for specific needs.