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12V & 24V DC Air Compressors for Work & Tow Trucks

Oasis Manufacturing DC Air Compressors

Oasis offers the most powerful onboard DC air compressor technology available today. Our products stand out in tow and work truck applications, as they are the only DC-powered compressors that can operate a ½” impact wrench without a tank. Since our air compressors have no engine to maintain, you never have to deal with gas, exhaust fumes, spark plug replacements, or tune-ups. They also feature a compact footprint that’s easy to install in small spaces. Whether you’re looking for a 12-volt or 24-volt air compressor, we offer low-maintenance, low-noise solutions that deliver the maximum return on your investment.

DC Air Compressors for Work Trucks

DC air compressors from Oasis Manufacturing have been the trusted choice of military and government agencies, mining operations, and many other industries that require high-powered, reliable solutions. Our products can effectively fulfill the requirements of many work truck applications, such as:

Mobile Tire Shop Industry

A source of compressed air on board a mobile tire shop is essential for the operation of tire changing equipment and inflating tires – lots of them, every day. Oasis DC air compressors provide the power and reliability needed to complete these jobs as quickly as possible, while taking up little space and generating no emissions.

Mobile Mechanic Industry

Every second of downtime costs businesses money. So, mobile mechanics must always work efficiently, and selecting the best tools helps ensure these goals are met. Mobile mechanics use air compressors frequently in their work, to inflate tires, blow out radiators, and power pneumatic tools like impact wrenches. Options like our powerful XD4000 continuous-duty air compressor easily meet these needs, with flow rates greater than or equal to 8 cfm.

Construction Industry

Air compressors are a staple of the construction industry for powering many types of pneumatic tools and equipment, such as power drills, nailers, and plasma cutters. The demanding conditions of construction work require specialized solutions. We offer tank-mounted DC air compressor packages that are well suited to continuous and extreme use. For construction applications, we recommend the XDT10 with a fan-cooled motor.

Agriculture Industry

DC air compressors from Oasis Manufacturing are used to assist many types of farming equipment, including tractors, pumps, sprayers, and more. They are used for blowing out chaff, transfer liquids, cleaning filters, inflating tires, and making quick repairs in the field.

DC Air Compressors for Tow Trucks

Adding an air compressor to tow trucks greatly increases the number of jobs you can perform while decreasing the time necessary to complete them. Our products easily power impact wrenches, inflate tires, and won’t overheat like consumer-grade options. Our DC air compressors feature a small footprint and are easily installed in many types of tow trucks, including:

  • Flatbed Tow Trucks:
  • Hook-and-chain trucks
  • Integrated tow trucks
  • Wheel lift tow trucks

DC Air Compressors by Oasis Manufacturing

No matter which industry your work truck is used in, we have a reliable solution that will meet your power requirements, saving you time and money. Our low-maintenance truck-mounted DC air compressors perform equally to a small shop air compressor and are suitable for nearly any type of work or tow truck. For more information on our products, contact our team today.