Tow Truck & Work Truck



Oasis offers a comprehensive product line of DC on-board air compressor systems and components to meet the most rugged requirements for service trucks and contractors. Here is a cost and space efficient alternative to have a “shop performance” air compressor in the field on your service vehicles.










Oasis compressors are compact and can be easily mounted just about anywhere, allowing you to free up valuable space that would otherwise be used for a full size shop compressor.




Oasis Compressors offer a way to get the toughest jobs finished quickly, from reseating a tire bead, to cleaning weapons in the field, to running air tools to make emergency repairs. They take up little room (in most cases they can be mounted to the chassis of a vehicle, freeing up valuable cargo space), are rugged and reliable, and always ready at the flip of a switch.








Used by:

US Postal Service

US Forest Service

US Border Patrol


Canadian National Defense




The agriculture industry has found the versatile Oasis DC Air Compressors ideal for use in the field. They inflate large tractor tires in minutes, blow out lines, and clean equipment with high-pressure air. They can be used for spraying applications and running air tools.











Oasis compressors deliver the unrivaled performance found only in shop compressors, in a compact unit that can easily be mounted just about anywhere on a vehicle. They are rugged, environmentally friendly, and ready to use at the flip of a switch.




Oasis On-Board Air system for Off-Road vehicles are developed, tested, and proven to meet the rugged requirements of off roaders. Oasis compressors are ideal for air lockers and powerful enough to reset a huge rock crawler tire bead. They can even run air tools without a tank!










Hardmount: The Oasis air compressor mounts anywhere on any 4WD or truck and can even be used as a portable.

News and Surveillance





If your application uses a pneumatic mast, an Oasis compressor is a must! Small enough to fit in a service body or tool compartment, with the performance to deploy your mast quickly – 8 cfm @ 100 psi.


Motor Coach




In applications that use air suspension to allow a bus or coach to “kneel”, Oasis air compressors have the performance to meet your requirements. Compact, rugged and dependable, with air delivery rates of 8 cfm @ 100 psi, and a max pressure rating of 200 psi, available in 12 or 24 Vdc versions.





If you rely on pneumatically operated valves at isolated well sites, Oasis compressors can be powered from a photovoltaic/battery array for dependable remote automation. Available in 12 or 24 Vdc versions.











Oasis compressors provide the power and utility of a small shop air compressor, in a package small enough to fit in the compartment of a service body of a maintenance vehicle. Rugged and reliable, for field repairs no other compressor can match the performance of an Oasis compressor – the fastest, most powerful DC Air Compressors available today!