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Do You Need A 12V or 24V Air Compressor?

When considering a DC air compressor, both 12v and 24v models are available, depending on the needs of your application. 12-volt air compressors are designed to operate appropriately when powered by vehicles with a 12-volt electrical system, which includes the vast majority of vehicles on the road today.  Similarly, 24-volt compressors are designed to be powered by 24-volt electrical systems, which typically include specialized equipment such as military, railway, and heavy equipment, etc. The compressor voltage must match the vehicle voltage for which it will be installed. Do not attempt to run an air compressor designed for 24-volt operation from a 12-volt system, or vice-versa. This will cause damage as a result of misapplication, which is not a failure in workmanship or materials and therefore is not a warranty failure.

What Is a DC Air Compressor and How Does It Work?

DC air compressors offer remote air supply for both light and heavy-duty applications. They provide enough power to inflate large truck tires, run impact wrenches and other air tools for short periods, power air horns, blow dust and debris off dirty filters, and meet air suspension needs. 12 and 24-volt models are available. 

DC air compressors pressurize air that is then forced into a reservoir or air tank. The pressurized air can then power many tools, including sprayers, nailers, sanders, and impact wrenches.

DC Air Compressor Advantages/Capabilities

Using either a 12v or 24v DC air compressor, this equipment offers several advantages, including:


Compared to a shop air compressor of equal performance, Oasis DC air compressors are compact and highly portable, making them easy to fit in cars and trucks for a convenient pressurized air supply.


Our 12 and 24-volt DC air compressors are used to inflate tires of all sizes, power pneumatic tools, air suspension, tire changing equipment, weapons cleaning, operate pneumatic valves at remote sites, etc. Oasis compressors can handle virtually any application that requires a source of compressed air on board a vehicle.


DC compressors provide a cost-effective air supply. Compared to engine-driven compressors, they have lower maintenance requirements, which saves money.

Saves Time

You can save time by using DC compressors. Simply connect the compressor to a vehicle’s electrical system and use it for your application. This eliminates the need to travel to a gas station or shop to access an air compressor.

Emergency Preparation

Having a compact DC air compressor on hand helps prepare for emergencies. If your tire goes flat or another issue occurs that requires the use of a compressor, a DC air compressor stored in your vehicle can help.

12v & 24v DC Air Compressors from Oasis Manufacturing

DC air compressors work well for many types of processes, offering numerous benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. Need a reliable 12v or 24v DC air compressor for your application? Oasis Manufacturing carries a selection of DC air compressors, including 12v and 24v extended-duty, continuous-duty, and tank-mounted compressor models. 

For more information about our products, contact us today. To get started on finding the right solution for you, request a quote.

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