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Our Technology: Oasis Air Compressors

Why Oasis Compressors are the Best

UNRIVALED PERFORMANCE (200 psi, 8 cfm @ 100 psi)
The XD3000 has been developed, tested and proven to be the fastest, most powerful on-board DC Air Compressor available today. RUN A 1/2" IMPACT WRENCH WITHOUT A TANK! Inflate huge tractor tires in seconds, seat a tire bead, run air tools, blow out lines and more. The Oasis XD 3000 matches or exceeds the performance of a shop air compressor.

The new XD3000 offers an impermeable sealed lubrication system, virtually eliminating outside contaminants and oil emissions. The Anti Blow By Design utilizes special Oil Control Piston Rings developed by Climate Control, a division of T/CCI Manufacturing, and Perfect Circle, which minimize crankcase lubrication discharge into compressed air supply. The Positive Crankcase Vent [PCV] works with oil control rings and internal oil reservoir to reduce oil consumption. The new design also features an internal oil reservoir providing internal capacity for oil overflow. For quick visual lubricant check, an Oil Level Sight Glass is fitted in the crankcase.

Protects the motor. Low voltage, under high load, can damage a compressor motor. Oasis has built in solid-state electronics with an indicator that automatically shuts off to protect the motor.

Unlike gasoline-powered compressors, Oasis DC Air Compressors have become the choice of many governmental agencies, municipalities, and maintenance fleets for good reasons:

  • No Exhaust Fumes: Oasis Air Compressors are powered by clean DC electrical energy. Compressors that run on gasoline or diesel engines produce the exhaust fumes emitted into the atmosphere. In close-quarters these emissions pose a health hazard.
  • Low Noise: The irritating noise caused by loud engine exhaust disrupts the serenity of quiet neighborhoods. Often resulting in complaints from residences and businesses. The sound emitted by Oasis compressors is limited to the whirl of the DC electric motor and the subdued flutter of the compressors pistons and valves.
  • No Engine Maintenance: With Oasis, there are no gas-engines to maintain. No fuel filters to replace, no spark plugs to gap and no carburetor to adjust.

Exclusive Features

Exclusive Features

  1. DIRECT PORT INTAKE DESIGN - Stabilizes airflow for maximum performance.
  2. DUAL-RING, OIL CONTROL PISTONS - Significantly reduces oil blow by into air supply.
  3. OIL RESERVOIR CHAMBER - Provides relief for crankcase oil transfer and expansion.
  4. OIL RESERVOIR BAFFLE - Acts as an air/lubrication separator.
  5. OIL SIGHT GLASS - Offers a quick visual check of crankcase lubrication.
  6. COOLING FAN MOTOR - Airflow through the motor reduces extended use heat build-up. (XD3000)
  7. CONTROL WIRE - Connection point for optional pressure switch and/or dash switch.
  8. LOW VOLTAGE CUT-OFF - "Smart" technology turns compressor off if voltage drops to protect motor.
  9. POWER SWITCH - with indicator light.
  10. LOW VOLTAGE INDICATOR - Alerts when battery or system voltage is low.
  11. HIGH FLOW - Swedish Steel valves.
  12. AIR FILTER - High-flow, long-life filter with serviceable element.
  13. COMPRESSED AIR OUTLET - Connects to air hose. Can be rotated 360°.
  14. YORK® COMPRESSOR - Modified, twin-cylinder, 10 cubic inch industrial unit.
  15. HD ROLLER BEARINGS - at both ends of crankshaft.
  16. MOUNTING PLATE - (optional) - Steel housing designed for easy bolt-on installation.
  17. HEAVY-DUTY COUPLER - Provides a direct drive connection.
  18. PRESTOLITE® MOTOR - Hi-performance industrial duty.
  19. MOTOR COOLING EXHAUST - Reduces motor heat build-up. (XD3000)
  20. POWER CABLES - 10' of #4 AWG cables.

One Year Limited Warranty!
...and we stand behind it!

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