Independent Test Proves Oasis Superiority

A product evaluation was conducted by the editors of Off Road Adventures, the largest circulation magazine in the recreational off road field. This unbiased study and comparison was featured in the April 2003 issue of the publication.

In their conclusion, ORA reported, “Airing up any of the tires we tried produced results nearly identical to a shop compressor. ”

Product test included a direct comparison with a DeVilbiss 6hp shop air compressor. Here is what editor; C. S. Clinton said about performance, “We also tried a variety of air tools. A Snap-On 1/2-inch drive air impact wrench and an Ingersoll-Rand air ratchet worked with about the same amount of torque as in the shop. We couldn’t really tell the difference.”

Compared to a Shop Air Compressor

A direct comparison was made between an Oasis compressor mounted on a vehicle using 12vDC power, and a 220vAC DeVilbiss shop air compressor. The following comparisons and comments are verbatim from that report.

Test Parameters:

Both air tanks fully charged, compressors off at start. Battery voltage on Oasis at 12.5 (with compressor running), engine running fast idle. Same 30 foot hose used on both. Same fill chuck/gauge used on both with 28 degree ambient temp (brrrr!).

“Dueling compressors. This is sort of David and Goliath comparison, but the little guy (Oasis) can do 85 percent of what the big guy can do on 60 percent less horsepower.”