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About Oasis Manufacturing

About Oasis Manufacturing

Oasis Off Road Mfg was formed in 1996 by John Williams and his wife, Connie, to fill a specific need in the four wheel drive industry.

When John became involved in four wheeling on a recreational basis, he learned the value of deflating tires for greater traction and increased ride quality. However, he found the task of actually airing down was tedious and time consuming. For his own convenience he came up with a device made of a tire chuck, a short piece of pipe, a spring, a ball and a set screw to make it possible to deflate to a predetermined level and stop automatically. Thus the first generation of automatic tire deflators was born.

A couple years later in '96, John happened to show the deflators to the owner of his neighborhood 4WD store - Mark Hinkley at Off Road General Store. Mark's enthusiasm about the product provided John and Connie the motivation to refine the design of the deflators to make them small enough to be used while driving. They then started Oasis Off Road Mfg. and began manufacturing and marketing the product.

As time went on, they found since they were in the deflation business that they really ought to be in the re-inflation business as well. After distributing and using a variety of inflation devices for some time it became obvious that every one of them had serious shortcomings, especially when used on large tires. The Trailhead Air Compressor was developed to address these shortcomings and has resulted in the most powerful DC air compressor in the world.

Oasis now offers a comprehensive line of air compressors, air supply components, and tire inflation/deflation products. As the leading specialists in on-board air systems, Oasis provides personalized, technical expertise to assist you in selecting the right system for your application.

Whether you are a four-wheeler, use air suspension for custom street vehicles or need an air system for commercial service vehicle use, Oasis is your one-stop provider for compressed air.

We welcome your phone calls and emails for questions and more information.

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