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Do I Need a Tank?

Oasis compressors can be used either with or without a tank, depending on your application. Our compressors are capable of running a 1/2" impact wrench without a tank under the following conditions:

Adequate power must be applied to the compressor per our Power Addendum, the wrench being used must make efficient use of compressed air (the Ingersoll-Rand IR231 & 2135Ti guns work very well), and proper trigger technique is important. Pull the trigger in two second bursts. We have tested our compressors under these conditions and were able to tighten 9/16" lug nuts to over 160 ft/lbs! We are happy to help you determine the best system for your needs. Please call us for tech support!

Pressure Up Rates

Tank Size Pressure Min:Sec 12vdc Min:Sec 24vdc
5 Gallon 0-150 psi 0:54 0:51
5 Gallon 120-150 psi 0:11 0:10
10 Gallon 0-150 psi 1:47 1:40
10 Gallon 120-150 psi 0:22 0:20

What's the Purpose of An Air Tank?

It's a storage chamber, which holds a reserve of pressurized air. The air compressor charges the tank when the pressure drops. The smaller the compressor the longer it has to work to pump up the tank and the more there is a need for an air tank.

A Tank Will...
  • Allow a compressor to start less frequently, but it will have to run for longer periods when it does. Size matching is important.
  • Allow the use of some extremely hungry air tools that would otherwise not be possible. Although Oasis compressors will operate 1/2” impact wrenches directly from the compressor - at about 70% of the tool’s capacity at 12V - the use of 3/4” or larger impact wrenches or die grinders, sanders, etc. do require a tank. Smaller compressors absolutely need a tank to drive any air tool.
  • Allow an air suspended vehicle to get up extremely fast.

Rule of Thumb
The smaller the compressor, the more capacity is needed as long as the tank is not too big for the compressor to handle!

A Tank Will Not...
  • Make a compressor have to work any less to do a job. If you take air out of a tank and put it in a tire, the compressor has to put the same amount of air back into the tank as if it put it into the tire directly.
  • Allow tires to be inflated any faster than the compressor alone can do - at least for an Oasis compressor!

A More Efficient System
Since our compressors are so fast, it will take longer to empty a 6 gallon tank with an Oasis compressor, than a 20 gallon tank with a Viair, Blowjax or Thomas compressor. Let’s face it; space is at a-premium on any vehicle. So why not get rid of the multiple compressors, and/or tanks, and their associated plumbing? By keeping your air system simple, you will have higher performance and fewer problems. Fewer components mean fewer parts to go wrong, reduced possibility of leaks, and much easier installation! Less is more.

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